Sharing Successes

Today we have been sharing our success as learners in 1:1 chats. It was a privilege to share the pupils most recent achievements with them and they were excited to see how they had progressed since the previous assessment points.

Well done to the pupils of Class Two for being such determined learners.

This is what I have been doing

This lunchtime pupils were encouraged to participate in quiet activities to keep cool, below Jacob has shared what he made in the shade of the trees.


This is a flower on a Lilly pad.


This is a better version of the one above.


By Jacob

Why was Esther a hero?

Class Two have been investigating the importance of Esther to Jews, it has been fascinating to hear their interpretations of the story and its importance to the Jewish faith.

Pupils deepened their understanding of the characters of the story by making masks and hot seating.

image image

Mighty Mathematicians!

Stage 3 pupils have been wowing me this morning with their superb attitude to learning!

They have used tally charts to find out what subjects Class Two are looking forward to next year. It was fantastic to see them interacting so brilliantly with the current Year Two’s.

The pupils also took great care over their presentation of their learning and the enthusiasm they showed!

Well done Mighty Mathematicians!

image image

Sharing Home School Learning

In our home school learning we were writing a fact file of Peter  Blake  and we had to present  it to the class and had to tag our learning partners fact file when we tagged there fact file we had a circle with four corners and in each of the corners there was a different thing like tell your partner what you liked about it.

by Owen

image image image

Incredible Innovators

Class Two have been very busy this morning innovating The Dark by Lemmony Snickett. They have been changing the setting or the character’s problem to develop their own version of the book.

They have been incredibly focussed learners this morning and I can’t wait to read their writing!

image image image image

Mighty Mathematicians!

Class Two have been flexing their mathematical muscles this morning with a mixture of collaborative mathematical games for the Year 4’s and independent fraction learning by the Year 3’s.

The classroom has been a hive of activity as all pupils engaged with their learning challenges!

image image image image

Home School Learning

This week’s home school learning is to research the brilliant Peter Blake to inform our learning in English next week.

What you need to include in your research:

  • When were they born and where?
  • What are they famous for?
  • 5 key events in their life.

This learning can be presented as a talk, a fact file or a page of information. I can’t wait to see all of your hard work handed in on Monday morning ready for our English lesson.

Good luck!